Elysian Gangchon, Chuncheon

Gangwon Snow Festa, a global festival brimming with visual pleasure and enjoyable experiences!

Elysian Gangchon, Chuncheon

  • A place to enjoy winter sports in clean nature... This is Elysian Gangchon. A natural gift on display when you come down along Bukhangang, the riverside and resort sceneries are works of art themselves. Golf can be enjoyed in summer, and skiing for winter, the resort is a perfect vacation spot throughout the year. The courses are divided to accommodate beginner, intermediate, and experienced players, so visitors can find skiing slope suiting their respective level. Also ski school is in operation, providing a chance to learn ski in an easy and safe manner.
  • Information
    Contact +82-33-260-2000
    Address 688 Bukhangangbyeon-gil, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do
    Visiting time Everyday 00:00 - 24:00, open year-round
    Enjoyment options Nami Island, Jade Garden Natural Arboretum, Gangchon railbike
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Chuncheon - Local Delicacies

  • Yaksu Sanchae-baekban (Korean vegetables set menu)

    Rice made with yaksu (mineral spring from the mountain) in combination with natural san-namul enhances richness in flavor and nutritions. Chugok yaksu is renowned nationwide for its power of soothing stomach, and assortment of san-namul gosari (bracken), doraji (Platycodon grandiflorus), muknamul give special and deep and special flavors to the food while enriching nutritional value.
    Since Chugok yaksu contains lots of iron, the rice takes some dark blue tone like that of bean rice, and the flavor is beyond description. literally it melts in your mouth.
    The rice goes bad after 3 hours since it is made with Chugok yaksu, so the restaurants take special care to serve newly made rice.

  • Moraemuji Jjim (spicy pike gudgeon stew)

    Moraemuji is rich in calcium and iron, great for growing children or people with anemia. Clean moraemuji is used as a main ingredient, and dried radish top and radish harvested from autumn are used to get rid of fishy smell. Thus, it is boiled for the first time.
    Afterwards, in order to strengthen the taste, spices are added and it is boiled to the point that bone can be easily picked off to eat, which gives the food spicy and deep taste. Moraemuji is also rich in protein and fat, effective in strengthening the stomach.

  • Minmul Maeuntang (spicy freshwater fish stew)

    Freshly caught freshwater fish is boiled with assortment of vegetables. The dish's spicy and fresh taste captivates palates of food enthusiasts. Chuncheon is surrounded by clean lakes and rivers, so various types of freshwater fish are caught, establishing great conditions to make maeuntang with plenty of vegetables.

  • Minmulhoe (Freshwater fish served raw)

    Its freshness and generous portion is a great deal at an inexpensive price. Inland waters fishery is well-developed in Chuncheon Lake and Soyang Lake, thus, farming of leather carp and trout is in active operation.
    Wild ssogari and pond smelt are great as delicacies. In particular, raw pond smelt is another exquisite delicacy in wintertime.

  • Chik Guksu (kudzu noodles)

    It has a bit of biting taste with spiciness, a delicacy in summertime. Chik is used as the main ingredient for the noodle, and many spices and meat broth are added. The major determinants of Chik Guksu are noodle strip and broth. Therefore, each restaurant has a distinct taste that is passed down by tradition.

  • Chongtteok (Gunstock-shaped rice cake)

    The name literally means the rice cake that resembles shape of a gunstock as it is long. Memil (buckwheat) is fried, and pork or kimchi is used as a filling, bossam (wrap) style. A traditional food passed down in multiple decades, chongtteok is popular due to its savory and salty taste.

  • Makguksu

    Along with Dak-galbi, Makguksu is another iconic food in Chuncheon. The origin of the name "Makguksu" is unclear, but an accepted theory is that it derives from the fact that the food can be easily made without complicated steps and recipe. Pure memil powder is made into dough, shaped into noodle from a noodle maker, then boiled right away. The noodle may be enjoyed with kimchi or dongchimi soup, or mixed with vegetables and spices in company with vinegar, mustard, and meat broth, to fully relish the savory dish.

  • Chuncheon Dak-galbi (spicy stir-fried chicken)

    The taste of Chuncheon Dak-galbi is popular to such an extent that people say "your visit to Chuncheon is meaningless if you have not tried Dak-galbi yet.". Unlike the suggestive name galbi (meaning ribs in Korean), Dak-galbi is not really ribs only. Once chicken meat is sliced, the pieces are spread and marinated in spices, and fried in an iron plate with assorted vegetables.

Chuncheon - Traditional markets