Hantangang Ice Trekking Festival

Gangwon Snow Festa, a global festival brimming with visual pleasure and enjoyable experiences!

Hantangang Ice Trekking Festival

  • In every January, the event takes place in Hantangang, Cheorwon-gun, with its main theme centered on Hantangang basalt gorge trekking. Walking on Hantangang's frozen ice (rich in ecological value), one can directly witness Jusangjeolli. Those confident in their endurance may attempt half-naked running competition, bound to have an unforgettable memory.
  • Information
    Address 1799-8, Taebong-ro, Dongsong-eup, Cheorwon-gun, Gangwon-do
    Event period In January, yearly
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Earned recognition by Unesco Global Geoparks Network on July, 2020. Wildflowers representing spring and fall in Hantangang surroundings and constructed bridge over beautiful body of water make a great eco-tourism program.

Experiential programs

Cheorwon - Local Delicacies

  • Cheorwon Pork Ribs

    A person visiting Cheorwon should try this rare food. It is Cheorwon Pork Ribs, and its inclusion of wasabi makes it different from those of other regions. The combination of pork ribs and wasabi sounds like an awkward union, but it gives an unique and savory flavor, solidifying the food as a must-item for tourists visiting Cheorwon. It is easy to assume wasabi used for pork ribs comes from Japan, but it is a home-grown product. The fact that it is locally produced in Cheorwon makes it more special.