Inje Icefish Festival

Gangwon Snow Festa, a global festival brimming with visual pleasure and enjoyable experiences!

Inje Icefish Festival

  • In harmony with great nature, Inje Icefish Festival offers a chance to catch fish in a broad field gifted by nature, an event for all to enjoy at the winter playground.
  • Information
    Address 12, Gombaeryeong-gil, Girin-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do
    Event period January, yearly
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Visitors can experience and enjoy various winter games including ice fishing, ice soccer competition, ice sculpting competition, and ice & snow sleds. It pioneered winter festivals in Korea. Adding white color to white snow, crossing "Wondae-ri Jajaknamusoup" program is also operated.

One with grand nature, people can catch fish in a broad area given by nature, and people of all background can fully enjoy the winter playground. Since the festival began in 1997, it developed and changed thanks to tourists' growing interest and participation. Even now, multiple programs are being developed to meet the demands of time.

Inje - Local Delicacies

  • Inje Hwangtae Jjim (steamed dried pollack)

    Repeating the freezing and melting process over and over, Hwangtae's inside is golden yellow, and its chewy taste is second to none. Natural drying must be done in an area with huge daily temperature difference in order to make soft Hwangtae free from the typical fishy smell. Inje's climate is perfect for drying Hwangtae, thus, it accounts for 70% of Hwangtae production in Korea, boasting about the best quality. Thanks to that, Hwangtae-based cookery was developed in Gangwon-do, presenting a variety of forms such as grill, soup, and steamed dish.