Hongcheongang Ggong Ggong Festival

Gangwon Snow Festa, a global festival brimming with visual pleasure and enjoyable experiences!

Hongcheongang Ggong Ggong Festival

  • In every winter, Hongcheongang Ggong Ggong Festival takes place in Hongcheon, an icon of healthy town for Korea. Its main activity is catching Hongcheon trout. Activities range from ice fishing to indoor fishing, fun for the whole family and all ages to catching trout with bare hands. It is a winter festivity where you can enjoy catching Hongcheon trout that is raised up to 12 months in healthy conditions.
  • Information
    Contact 033-436-8738~40
    Address 59-1, Neobeunae-gil, Hongcheon-eup, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do
    Event period In January, yearly event
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Snowy Park (snow sled, ice photo zone) and thatched house reminiscent of rural atmosphere, winter game experience (ice sled, skating, curling, ice hockey), family experience workshop (alpaca, parrot, seopdari, etc), outdoor eatery... A list of numerous things to see, eat, and play goes on and on. Providing nostalgia of countryside for adults and new experiences for children, Hongcheongang Ggong Ggong Festival was selected as Gangwon-do's excellent festival in 2015.

[Event programs]
* Additional events
Hongcheon-gun ice field gateball competition, ice field tug-of-war competition, and national ice soccer contest etc.
* Programs
Ice fishing, tent fishing, indoor fishing, participation in winter sports (ice sled, skating, curling, ice hockey), Snowy Park (snow sled, ice photo zone), riding a donkey, experiential programs for family (Alpaca World, parrots, seopdari -traditional seasonal wooden bridge-, nostalgic objects display), outdoor eatery, family tour to the market (alley market, performance viewing, etc)

Hongcheon - Local Delicacies

  • Neulpureum Hanwoo

    Unblemished high mountains, clean water. Hongcheon provides these elements for hanwoo, and the branding "Neulproom" was developed by the members of National Hanwoo Committe's Hongcheon-gun members. Fermented alcohol feed is used for Neulpureum Hanwoo, and the meat excels in taste and quality above the competition.

  • Hongcheon Hwaro Sutbulgui (charcoal brazier grill)

    When you enter Yangjimal village in Hongcheon, the burnt smell of spices and meat fills the air. This is because of the concentration of the 20 Hwaro Sutbulgui restaurants. Yangjimal village is located at the passageway to Seorak Mountain, which allows easy access, and the unique flavor of spice helped spreading the name nationwide. "Yangjimal" means that sunshine stays from sunrise to sunset. Just like the meaning of the village name, the Sutbulgui restaurants grew in fame, and with more restaurants introduced over time, alleyway Hwaro Sutbulgui was formed.

  • Hongcheon Hong Chongtteok

    Hongcheon Hong Chongtteok is a short term for Hongcheon Memil Chongtteok. An iconic Hongcheon dish, slash-and-burn farmers used to eat it to appease their hunger in the past. However, today, it enjoys attention thanks to the well-being trend. It is made of pure memil like memil buchim, but it is different in that it is spicy. The name Chongtteok literally means the rice cake that resembles shape of a gunstock as it is elongated.