Taebaeksan Snow Festival

Gangwon Snow Festa, a global festival brimming with visual pleasure and enjoyable experiences!

Taebaeksan Snow Festival

  • Taking place in Taebaek Mountain, renowned as a magnificent mountain in Korea, the Taebaek Snow Festival provides various snow-related experiences and entertaining activities. In particular, ice-carved sculptures, splendid night views highlighted by colorful lights, and snowy landscape work in harmony to present inspiring "winter kingdom" scenery.
  • Information
    Contact +82-33-550-2085
    Address 12, Hwangjiyeonmot-gil (Hwangjidong), Taebaek-si, Gangwon-do
    Event period In January, every year.
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Taebaek is a Gangwon-do city that is at the center of Korea's longest mountain range called Baekdu-daegan, covering mountains such as Taebaek, Hambaek, and Manhangjae. The mountainous region presents incomparable charm especially in wintertime.
Yearly snow festival held in Taebaek Mountain is a perfect occasion to fully immerse yourself in Taebaek's "Winter Kingdom“ beauty. After enjoying snow sculpture exhibition and snow festival programs, why don't you climb Mt. Taebaek to enjoy beautiful snowscape?

Taebaek - Local Delicacies

  • Taebaek Hanwoo Yeontan Sutbulgui (Charcoal-grilled Korean beef)

    Hanwoo raised in Taebaek's highlands grow eating Taebaek Mountain herbs, which improves its meat quality. It makes the meat tender and light, so tourists rush to taste the famous hanwoo. One of the major components to the meat taste, "bul (fire)" is made on the grill using yeontan (briquette) from the Taebaek's mining area, which only adds to the taste.